itsfetoon asked:

I really like your videos they're cute and simple, do you mind telling me what kind of selftanner or glow lotion you're using? your skin tone is gorgeous Mashallah


Thank you! I actually don’t use self tanner or any special cream :/ I do need to tan though! Lol my fav is spray tan in an actual tanning salon (the versapro) when I do that I usually do level 2. But I haven’t done it in a year or something



My utterly dismal lonely blog, but I have a point to make none the less!

We need to build one another up to greater heights.

This one is for you debakhan in the most non creepy way possible haha I am dedicating a blog post to your recent YouTube video.

I literally do not understand…

Ok wow. From beginning to end I had THE biggest smile on my face and didn’t even notice it until someone just said to me “wow what are you smiling about?” Lol

Like can I just not say anything? Because you’re WAY too amazing for words!!! I know I don’t know you either but I just want to jump and hug you for being the best. This seriously made my night ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

You’re so cute. I can’t deal.


neromancer01 asked:

Assalamu Alaykum Sister: How is your father doing? I hope he has recovered from the arm injury. It the Qadr of Allah that your family is chosen its path. Please remind him that he is responsible for his family and to worship Allah with fear, love, and hope. Allah tests those who He loves. Wassalam.


My father is well, thank you. Still recovering but stronger than ever mashAllah!

In regards to your comment about him being responsible for his family…I’m not sure exactly what you mean by that but my father does the best he can and teaches us everyday to better ourselves and be the best we can be. My father teaches us to love all and be humble to all. He is the kindest most generous and most brilliant man I know.

I’m not going to assume that you are being rude messaging me about my father and his faith in God. I don’t know who you are. I don’t tolerate these kinds of comments about religion and my family. So I’m gonna give you the benefit of the doubt and say that I probably misunderstood your message and just leave it at that.

Good day.

All of my favorite things in the month of July in one video! Check it out :) 

California Mini Haul 

I made a video of a couple things I bought while in California, i didn’t buy much but i hope you enjoy! 

My Favorite Breakfast meal in the month of July! soo yummy <3

Eid Vlog!! 

Cali Vlog3 

haha California VLOG2 

My Classic Smokey Eye Tutorial is up Now!! Check it out :) 


Anonymous asked:

oh ok well I wish you the best of luck with all your plans, whatever you decide :) good luck with buying a house!


Thank you! I’ll definitely need the luck, finding the right home is so hard!


Anonymous asked:

I'm new to your channel so I was wondering if Harris is your husband or your fiancée? You have a beautiful family btw!!


Aaris is my husband :) and thank you ❤️


Anonymous asked:

would you ever consider moving back to your homeland in afg, pansjir ? and what are the pros and cons of afg, and do you like being from there?


I wouldn’t move back there just because that’s not where I would want to raise my children and have a family. I do love Afghanistan I’ve gone back so many times and am so down to go back a million more times but living there just isn’t something I have the desire to do.

The Pros: well for me the biggest pro is that my entire family lives there. ALL of my first cousins. My grandpa my aunts and uncles like literally everyoneeeee— another pro is that it’s just so damn beautiful. Like literally I have yet to see a place more beautiful than Afghanistan. For everything my country has gone through, all the abuse and war… It’s still the most beautiful country.

The Cons: I don’t like that woman there have to cover. I think that every female should have the choice and they don’t have a choice there— I also don’t like the system there. There are no road signs, people drive on all different directions on all sides of the roads. There’s no sewage system which leaves the streets smelling terrible… Nothing is organized and that bothers me because everyone’s life would be so much better if there was more organization

Check Out my first ever VLOG!! 

so much fun filming most of my trip! Enjoy day 1 

My June Favorites!!!